Dutch Shrimp Contest

The Dutch Shrimp Contest is a contest open for fresh water shrimp. This international contest will take place in The Netherlands and is open for contestants from all over the world.

In this contest, both professional breeders and hobbyists will compete with their own bred animals. These will be judged based on their colouring, pattern and health.

Even though there are many more different shrimp species, this contest focusses on 11 different categories that can be entered upon.

The total contest will consist of 100 aquariums, each containing a group of at least 3 and a maximum of 5 shrimp. All shrimp that compete in this contest are handpicked by their breeders. Expectations are that the quality of the competing shrimp will be extremely high as such.

All of this makes the Dutch Shrimp Contest a real crowd pleaser, as all of this will be displayed during Vivarium 2018.


The Dutch Shrimp Contest will take place during Vivarium 2018 on 24 and 25 November.

Graafsebaan 133
5248 NL Rosmalen

Organizing committee:

The organizing committee of the Dutch Shrimp Contest consists fully of volunteers. Their experienced team has done six international shows like these in previous years.

This year they will go the extra mile to make a success out of the Dutch Shrimp Contest for both the competitors as the public.