Each contestant is expected to have acknowledged these guidelines


  • Entering in the Dutch Shrimp Contest is only possible by completing the registration form on this website.
  • By entering the contest, the contestant automatically declares that his animals are free of diseases and have not been in contact with animals that were ill.
  • A registration list by order of registration date will be kept. Besides the organizational committee, nobody will be able to look at this list. Only after the judging is done, the contestants will be announced.
  • Each contestant can enter with a maximum of three groups per category.
  • Each group of shrimp should consist of at least 3 and a maximum of 5 animals. The three best rated shrimp of each group will be judged.
  • When we receive more entries than we can handle in the available aquariums, we will enter the rest of the entries on a reserve list. All will be under the “First come, first serve” basis.
  • Your registration is only final when we have received the entry fees.
  • Registration is closed on November 1st 2018 and payment should be received by November 5th latest.


Entry fees

  • When the shrimp are handed over for the sale, the entry fees are € 10,- per group/aquarium.
  • When the shrimp will be picked up by the owners after the show, the entry fees are € 15,00 per group/aquarium.
  • All income that results from this contest will be used to cover the expenses that come from this.
  • Payment can be done by transferring the full amount of the registration to the following bank account:

IBAN: NL65INGB0007375312 (on behalf of Fishfarmonline)

Reference: Dutch Shrimp Contest and name of contestant

  • The contestant will receive a registration confirmation once the payment has been received. This should be shown upon entering the animals for the contest. It will not be possible to enter the animals for the contest without this registration confirmation.
  • Payment should be received before November 5th 2018.

The registration form give the contestant free entrance to Vivarium.

Entering the Shrimp for competition

  • Contestants can enter their shrimp for competition on Friday November 23th 2018 before 15:00.
    Entering can only be done with a valid registration confirmation.
  • The contestant should personally call in at the registration desk that will be close to the contest aquariums.
  • It is possible to have somebody else bring the animals to the contest for you. However, this is only allowed when given prior notice to the organizing committee at . If somebody else besides the contestant brings the animals without any prior notice, the shrimp will not be taken into competition.
  • The organizing committee will create a list of aquarium numbers on which the contestants will be registered. By doing so, each owner will surely receive his or hers own animals n return when the show has ended. Thus list will remain undisclosed until the winners have been announced.
  • The animals will be accepted by the organization.
  • Each bag of shrimp should be clearly marked with the category and amount of shrimps in the bag. This text should be readable to avoid disqualification. It’s not allowed to put your name on the bags!
  • When the entered shrimp differ from how they were registered, they will be taken out of competition and will be disqualified.
  • Each contestant is responsible for his or hers own packaging material. The organization committee will not keep these for you.
  • You have the option to ship your shrimp to the Dutch Shrimp Contest. The parcel should arrive on Thursday November 22st 2018.

Adress for shipping the shrimp
This is the private adress of one of de organisers, not de event location!



  • Contestants from abroad must mention on the outside of the package that it does not contain endangered species and that it is a present and no trading goods.
  • The packaging should be strong and water tight. The transport bags much each be labelled with the category and amount of shrimps in the bag. All this should be clearly readable. It’s not allowed to put your name on the bag.
  • The name and address of the contestant should be added by separate letter.
  • The organization is not liable for any damages or losses during the shipment process.
  • The animals will be released from their packaging as soon as possible upon arrival. Please make sure there is enough oxygen in the bags and please consider the possible low temperatures!


For the caridina shrimp we use RO water with GH+
For the neocaridina shrimp we use tap water


The Dutch Shrimp Contest will hold the following categories:

Category 1: Neocaridina davidii + Neocaridina Rili all colours.

Category 2: Super crystal red + black.

Category 3: Red bee all grades.

Category 4: Black bee all grades.

Category 5: Tiger variants.

Category 6: Pinto red and black.

Category 7: Red ‘Shadow bee’ Clasic colors and bee-influanced Signes (full,lined,saddeld,banded,mosura,Hinomaru and co.)

Category 8: Black ‘Shadow bee’ Clasic colors and bee-influanced Signes (full,lined,saddeld,banded,mosura,Hinomaruand co.)

Category 9: Caridina sp. ‘Blue and Red Bolt’,’Steel blue and red’, ‘Snow white’, variants.

Category 10: Caridina sp. ‘Fishbone’+’Galaxy’variants.

Category 11: Caridina sp. crossbreeding


  • The judges will be installed by the organizing committee.
  • When a judge participates in the contest himself, he is not allowed to judge his own groups.
  • Judging will take place on Saturday November 24th 2018.
  • The judges will consider coloring, pattern, health and general impression of the breeding group. They will use international standards and judging reports that have been defined for each category.
  • When upon scoring there is a draw within one category, the organizing committee will appoint two judges to do a rescoring round. If the result is again a draw, the final decision is upon the organizing committee.
  • The group with the most points of all categories will receive the Grand Champion trophy.
  • The results will be announced on Sunday 11:00.
  • The shrimp can be collected on Sunday November 25nd between 15.00 and 17:00
  • The shrimp will be taken from the aquarium by a member of the organization committee. It is not allowed to do this yourself.
  • The shrimp will be packed in standard fish bags. The name of the contestant will be written on this.
  • Shrimp that are not collected remain the property of the Dutch Shrimp Contest. They will be sold and any benefits resulting from that will be used to cover the expenses of the show.
  • The shrimp will be returned upon handing the registration form only.

Judge criteria: What should be disqualified?

  • Less than 3 live shrimps.
  • Shrimps with Carapax deformations and other deformations.
  • Parasites and other diseases.
  • Too small shrimps (smaller than +/- 2 cm)

What should not be disqualified?

  • Shrimps in the wrong category (shrimps should be placed in the right category).
  • A missing leg or (for example) a part broken of the tail etc.

Returning the shrimp


  • The shrimp that were entered for sale will be sold on saturday after the judging or on sunday.
  • Purchases can only be done in cash and is due immediately.
  • Animals cannot be returned or traded.
  • The animals will be taken out of the aquarium by one of the show volunteers after the sell. The purchaser is responsible to arrange suitable transport material considering the possible low temperatures for that time of year.


The organizational committee can adjust these guidelines when needed.

In any case where these guidelines do not cover an issue, the organizational committee has the final decision.

The Dutch Shrimp Contest holds the right to not accept an entrée without any explaination being needed.

Neither The Dutch Shrimp Contest nor Vivarium are liable for any damages to the shrimp competing in the show.

Pictures taken by The Dutch Shrimp Contest or Vivarium officials may be used for promotional or publishing activities.

Contestants are not allowed to add any means of advertising to the aquariums.

Entering this competition is fully on your own risk.