Die beurteilung findet am Samstag statt und findet nach dem Beitrag der Garnelen statt. Wir versuchen das Ergebnis am Ende des Tages anzukündigen.

Die beurteilung erfolgt nach dem System von Sebastian Prati aus Italien.

Note: The charts are a bit different then last years. For example. Shrimps under 2 cm wil be disqualified, and shrimps above 2 cm will not receive extra points. Size is difficult to measure, but an experienced Judge knows what is to small and what is good. Don’t worry that we disqualify shrimps which are a little under 2 cm, but we are going to look if the shrimps are full grown. Shrimps which are not full grown, will allways have a better color and pattern. The adult animals will show the breederquality.